The Parishes
St Joseph and St Charles
The Green Plants: God is the Giver of Life and the Restorer of the World
The whole world was created by God. Can you name something that God made? God made everything that we see around us–the earth, the water, the plants, the animals. Even the bright sun and the moon were set in space by God. And God made every person that lives and ever has lived. After God made the world, he said that it was good. But it was only good as long as the people obeyed God. Then Adam and Eve, the first people, chose to disobey and stopped trusting God. Ever since that day sin and death have been a part of our world. But God always had a beautiful plan to rescue the people and restore his creation. The coming of Jesus is at the centre of God's plan.

O God, we praise you because you are good, and you made good things. Even when sin and death entered our world, you always had a plan to restore it. Thank you, God.

Bible Readings: Psalm 104:24-30; Romans 8:18-25
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