The Parishes
St Joseph and St Charles
The Second Sheep: The Lost Sheep – Jesus Came to Find Us
(Year 3)
During Advent we celebrate when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and we wait for him to come again. When Jesus was on earth, he told many stories about what God is like. One of his stories was about a shepherd who had 100 sheep. That's a lot of sheep! One of the shepherd's sheep wandered away and was lost. What do you think the shepherd did? He left the other 99 sheep in a field and went to look for the one who was lost. When he found that sheep, do you think he was angry? Do you think he scolded the sheep, or disciplined it? No! He picked it up and brought it back home to the field, where he had a joyful party to celebrate the return of his little lost sheep. Jesus said that is just like the joy in heaven when one sinner repents and returns to God. Jesus told this story because some people didn't like it that he was being kind to sinners. He wanted them to know that God loves sinners, and that Jesus was born to save sinners–like us–from our sins.

Dear Jesus, we want to remember why you came into our world: to save us when we were lost. We praise you because you are kind to us and show us mercy. Amen.

Bible Readings: Ezekiel 34:11-16; Luke 19:1-10
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