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St Joseph and St Charles
The Shepherd: His Sheep Know His Voice
(Year 4)
We are about to learn about the shepherds in the story of Jesus' birth. Do you know what a shepherd's job is? A shepherd's job is to take care of sheep. Taking care of sheep is a lot of work. Sheep need fresh, green grass to eat; they need cool water to drink; they need somewhere to sleep; and they need someone to protect them from other animals. If there isn't a shepherd to take care of the sheep, the sheep are in big trouble. We learn from the Bible that we are like sheep–we have all gone astray and are lost. Jesus is like our good shepherd who finds us, gives us what we need, and protects us. He even gave up his life to save us! When Jesus calls us, we listen to his voice like the sheep listen to the shepherd. Advent is a good time to remember that he is our shepherd and to listen to him.

Dear Jesus, you are such a good shepherd to us! Please help us to be good listeners to your voice now and always. Amen.

Bible Readings: John 10:1-18; Hebrews 13:20-21
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