The Parishes
St Joseph and St Charles
The Second Wise Man: Jesus Is the Promised King Over All the World
(Year 5)
We have learned that God promised he would raise up a great king for the people of Israel. God's people were waiting for this great king who would do only what was good and right and who would defeat Israel's enemies. God's king would rule not only over the people of Israel but over the whole world. The greatest king that Israel ever had was named David. David's kingdom spread over a wide land and many people. But David did not rule over the whole world. The king that God promised was Jesus! Jesus was going to be a king like David, but Jesus was going to be far greater than David ever was. Jesus was born to be king over all people and all of creation.

Dear Jesus, you are the greatest king. You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords and we praise you! Amen.

Bible Readings: Matthew 22:41-46; John 18:33-38
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